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Services and Fees

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Civil Partnership Dissolution
  • Nullity / Annulment
  • Financial Issues and Settlements
  • Children and Parenting Issues
  • Relocation / Leaving the Country
  • Cohabitation Agreements (living together)
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Disputes
  • Harassment & Domestic Violence
  • Injunctions
  • Family Collaborative Law

Fees and Charges

The Firm’s Policy is
  • Clarity and openness.
  • Regular updates on the costs of your case.
  • Comprehensive breakdowns of your costs when bills are submitted so that you can see exactly how the costs have accrued.

Hourly Rates
These are given to you at the beginning of the case and we will let you know in advance if they change.

Fixed Fees
Fixed fee introductory meeting available. At this meeting you will receive an estimate as to future fees.

Pre-determined fees
Pre-determined fees available for one-off matters, such as drafting documents, letters, attendance at hearings etc.

Terms of work in relation to a pre-determined matter can be arranged by discussion and agreement prior to the work being carried out.

How to Pay:

Payment by instalments
Clients are able to top up their accounts on a fortnightly / monthly basis by a pre-determined amount and we let you have regular invoices. This means that you are kept in the picture on the costs of your case.

Payment by lump sum
Some clients prefer to pay for our services by lump sums in which case you are provided with a fees estimate for your case before the next stage of work commences, so you can make payments.

Payment by Credit and Debit Card
You can also choose to pay by all major debit and credit cards.

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