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Everyone’s needs are different and that is why Karina Leapman & Co’s personal approach allows it to

  • focus on getting to know our clients
  • develop good working relationships
  • provide tailor-made solutions for your situation

Our testimonials speak for themselves: we care about what you are going through, we listen and we provide support where possible.

We understand that what is happening in your life is far from any experience you may have had previously and endeavour to minimise any additional stress or anxiety at this personal crossroad.

You will receive a practical approach and clarity of advice.

We will want you to tell us about your situation so we can talk about an approach that is suitable for you, be it to help you with an agreement before you start living with someone, looking for an amicable solution to relationship problems or if this is not appropriate, through a court led process.

With over 30 years of experience in practising family law we have the expertise and confidence to solve family law problems / arrangements. Our philosophy of understanding and dedication to our clients has enabled us to build an established family law practice with a loyal client base.

Easy Access
You will have easy access by telephone and email to a family law expert who has the day-to-day responsibility for your case.

Many people with work commitments find it hard to seek legal advice and assistance as their hours of work simply don’t allow it or they are concerned about hidden costs of out of hours legal services. Whatever your situation and / or circumstances, matrimonial difficulties can be traumatic enough without such added pressures. Clients often find that we make those difficult times a little less stressful and ensure that for your convenience, evening appointments are available. Come what may, we will try to work around your schedule.

Forward Planning
Recent media attention has made couples planning to marry more aware of Pre-Nuptial Agreements. Couples who live together, but decide marriage is not for them are also well advised to obtain legal advice on how to set out their financial arrangements, to minimise the risk of them becoming involved in what can be a complicated and emotional dispute if the relationship ends.

If you are going through relationship breakdown it can take a while before you feel ready to see a lawyer. We have found that a conversation early on with a specialised family lawyer to find out the processes and approaches available to you can dispel a few myths and give you some understanding and reassurance. This can help you work through how to deal with your situation before you feel it’s time to consult a lawyer again.

Whether you are planning to marry or live together, experiencing a separation, divorce, parenting dispute or need advice on harassment or domestic violence, some sensible forward planning can save considerable pain and legal expense later on. For a clearer picture of your personal situation please call us.

Lifeline 4 Kids:
As family lawyers we see how children are affected when there is a breakdown in home life. Because of this we support Lifeline 4 Kids. www.lifeline4kids.org

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